The Effects of Housing Development on a Rural Community

With the end of the recent fiscal crisis, the real estate market continues to grow and expand at alarming rates. With new commercial and residential developments popping up every day, real estate rentals and sales are at an all-time high. Along with property, development comes new subdivisions and homes of all styles and trends. Since most metropolitan areas are already saturated with elegant and lavish high-rises, there simply is no room to build additional complexes or homes. This is why rural areas continue to be a haven for real estate development and expansion. In fact, over 50% of new developments across the nation were situated in rural and somewhat agrarian areas.


The Housing Development Effects on Rural Communities

Most rural communities capture the true allure and essence of small town America. These tree lines neighborhoods consist of homes, along with central schools and houses of worship. Many are also home to fields, along with Mom and Pop stores and other basic necessities. While this is not true of all rural communities, most simply have a down-home traditional family environment. When developments begin to pop up in rural communities, residents are affected in positive and negative ways. For one, more homes mean more growth and expansion for neighborhoods and subdivisions. This also leads to more area jobs, along with more schools and commercial establishments.

Expansion and Common Problems

With residential expansion, problems are bound to happen. This includes an increase in traffic, along with more people and investors moving in from everywhere. This can take away from the peace and quietness rural communities are accustomed to. At times, many new subdivisions also bring in criminal elements as well. While no fault of the home builder or new property owners, the linking of communities via parkways has enabled easy access for robbers and home invaders. Unless strict security protocols are put into place, rural communities can literally become saturated cities overnight.